Manunor Inc. offers integrated services in design, conception and manufacturing of specialized plastic parts using  rotational molding process. Our integrated service (from design to the assembly) allows to our customers to reduce time and cost for development of plastic products and their molding. The distinctive strength of Manunor is its expertise and its ability to develop it’s customers plastic products of their customers to add value to such products.


Our team of project managers has more than 40 years of experience and expertise in the rotational molded products sector and its priorities remain product quality and timeliness.


Manunor inc was founded in December 1993 trough the owner’s, Mr. St-Pierre desire to separate the activities of manufacturing rotomolding equipment of STP Equipment inc. from the manufacturing operations of plastic parts, thus creating in separate corporate structure, wich became Manunor.


Manunor’s mission is to provide to each of our clients with the expertise and quality that meet and exceed their expectations. In order to achieve this, we take up daily technological challenges related to the design, conception and manufacture of plastic products, wich allows us to expend the notoriety of our expertise in all targeted markets.


From product design and mold development, through molding and components assembly, Manunor pffers a finished product ready for retail distribution or to be used as a sub-assembly component.